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Case Study: Vintage Marquee Lights

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Our average client boasts a 12x ROI and refers 3 new clients.

Their new sharing buttons averaged $4.45 revenue per share (user shares then places an order) and $0.27 revenue per click on average (user clicks on a shared link). The final ROI on the “10% off” social rewards campaign with AddShoppers was 1,535.3%. I’m a really big fan!
— Christopher Hamze, O'Neill Clothing
We had two goals when we started this contest: add emails to our customer email list and increase product sharing. We needed a way to track unique product shares and link those influencers that shared to the contest. Using AddShoppers yielded a 167% growth in social sharing, 213% more clicks, and a 214% growth in influencers. We also saw our orders increase 100%.
— Cody Kratzer, Lighting New York

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