2 New Apps: Facebook Retargeting and Smart Retargeting!

Today we’re launching 2 new Apps:

Facebook Retargeting

Recover lost customers on Facebook

Get started today for only $25 and receive a $25 credit to your account!

Smart Retargeting

Recover lost customers on the web

Get started today for only $25 and receive a $25 credit to your account!

With these new Apps, you can manage your high-performing retargeting campaigns right inside your AddShoppers dashboard.


Our proprietary retargeting technology had amazing results during the beta test:

Leading Sporting Goods Retailer

  • 1,377.7% ROI
  • $4.50 CPA

Leading Premium Apparel Retailer

  • 742.4% ROI
  • $19.74 CPA

Leading Home Goods Retailer

  • 639.5% ROI
  • $62.36 CPA

Key Benefits of Retargeting with AddShoppers: 

  • No new codes to install
  • Heightened brand recall, your brand is everywhere!
  • Your AddShoppers social data automatically makes your campaigns smarter & more targeted
  • Increase your store’s overall conversion rate
  • Greater engagement & time on site
  • Target customers on all the major exchanges including Google, AppNexus, BrightRoll, and Microsoft

Still not sure? Here are some common questions about AddShoppers Retargeting:

What’s the difference between AddShoppers retargeting and other retargeting options, like AdRoll, AdWords, etc?

Our campaigns are more targeted because we are able to increase bids for people who show higher engagement/intent via social actions (Liking a product, for example). There are also no new codes to install!

Where will my ads be shown?

Your ads will show across our display network, including the Google, Facebook, AppNexus, BrightRoll, and Microsoft exchanges.

Can I change my budget?

Yes, you can update your budget at any time.

Will this work in my country?

Yes. AddShoppers Retargeting apps work in any country!