4 Ways to Promote Your Refer-a-Friend Campaign

So you’ve set-up an effective Refer-a-Friend campaign, but now what? How do you tell your customers about all the benefits and rewards they can earn through your new loyalty program? Well you’re in luck! Keep reading to learn 4 different ways to draw attention to your Refer-a-Friend (RAF) campaign and watch your referrals grow. 

  1. On-site Pop-ups: People won’t use your RAF if they don’t know about it. So what better way to inform your site visitors than with an on-site pop-up? The pop-up can be triggered on entrance, exit, or even on a specific page - the choice is yours! It’s a great way to make sure everyone sees your new loyalty program. 
  2. Email Banners: If you’re already utilizing email marketing just add a banner to your templates. Give readers the basic information on your RAF. Then link back to your site so they can get more details. 
  3. Retargeting Campaigns: Draw in previous customers or visitors using your retargeting campaign. This a great place to advertise and display your Refer-a-Friend offer so that customers want to come back and share.
  4. Flyers in Shipments: Why not use every shipment as an opportunity to promote the RAF campaign? It’s a great chance to tell satisfied customers about how they can share with friends and be rewarded for their support. 

What are your favorite promotional techniques?