Advanced Mobile Conversion Optimization Strategies and Results

Painfully low mobile conversion rates are one of the biggest factors preventing eCommerce brands from growing.

Is your site optimized to convert mobile traffic? There’s a good chance it isn’t, since mobile conversion rates still lag far behind desktops across our entire industry.

If you have any doubts in your mind, we’ve compiled some advanced mobile conversion optimization strategies from our latest webinar, 5 Ways To Boost Mobile Conversion Rates. Bring your store up to par with the following techniques and leap ahead of your competition:

1. Focus on speed 1st.  Assume most users aren’t connected to wifi on mobile.

"Visitors expect to view your #mobile site with the same speed as they would on a desktop"

Tweet ThisTweet: Visitors expect to view your #mobile site with the same speed as they would on a desktop - via @AddShoppers 📱

There is nothing more frustrating than slow page load on a personal device. Visitors expect to view your site with the same speed as they would on a desktop, but obviously mobile devices don't have the same internet speeds that desktops do (yet!).

One way to alleviate this is to reduce superfluous JavaScript parsing. All those <script> tags will most certainly slow you down. Also, make sure that you utilize AJAX. Not only will it help load pages faster but the content will fill in as you scroll. 

2. Remove complex navigation and categories by emphasizing product discovery. 

"Remove complex navigation & categories on your #mobile site by emphasizing product discovery"

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Think Pinterest for your category, brand, or search pages.  On a mobile device scrolling is greatly preferred over tapping. Trying to hit the right link or photo can be precarious on a handheld device so make it easy for your customers with big targets to tap. and Wanelo are excellent examples of the right way to encourage product exploration on mobile. 

3. Less is always more.

"If it isn’t essential to the checkout process, get rid of it on your #mobile site"

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Ask yourself “What can I remove or hide that doesn’t stop them from placing an order?” If it isn’t essential to the checkout process, get rid of it on your mobile site. 

This is related to strategy #1 -- anything that you can get rid of will also help your mobile site load faster.

4. Require account registration on mobile websites/apps.

"Reward #mobile visitors in exchange for their profile information"

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The advantage here is that the customer creates an account which reduces checkout friction and enables personalization. The key is to make is simple: don’t have too many required fields or your potential customers could bounce. Once you capture the customer's e-mail address you can utilize it for future marketing efforts and reward mobile visitors in exchange for their profile information.

Rue La La's mobile site gets it right by only requiring an email address to sign up. Our client, is even more impressive by allowing you to sign in with Facebook. 

5. Make sure you have an easy or one touch checkout

If possible, store credit card information for your customer accounts. This cuts way down on your valuable shoppers getting frustrated trying to type in their credit card number in and potentially abandoning their cart.

Third party solutions can be helpful here as well. The Amazon Payments Merchant Survey in 2014 says that a whopping 89% of merchants said Login and Pay with Amazon increased conversions by over 5%. 

"89% of merchants said Login & Pay with Amazon increased #mobile conversions by over 5%"

Tweet ThisTweet: 89% of merchants said Login & Pay with Amazon increased #mobile conversions by over 5% - via @AddShoppers 📱

How We Helped A Client Boost Mobile Conversions by 206%

The problem: high traffic but low conversion rates on mobile

The Violet Vixen, an AddShoppers client, found themselves in a situation that many eCommerce brands and store owners can relate to. They noticed that a very large portion of their traffic was coming from mobile devices, however, that traffic was converting very poorly. Their mobile traffic had higher bounce rates, lower email capture rates, and lower conversion rates than their desktop traffic.

One of the tools that they had been using to help boost conversion rates for desktop traffic was our Behavioral Targeting app. They were using it to target visitors that were abandoning the site, and displaying a customized offer to immediately capture an email address then convert a sale afterwards.

Their mobile strategy required a different approach

However, because shoppers use their fingers to surf mobile sites, it’s much harder to track real-time user interaction with the website (mouse movements, for example). These techniques are used easily on desktops because of the mouse, but they don’t exist on mobile devices. This meant The Violet Vixen wasn’t able to utilize their desktop Behavioral Targeting campaign to boost conversion rates from their mobile traffic.

The solution

So, how did we address their low mobile conversion rates? First, their dedicated client success team at AddShoppers got creative and brought a custom strategy to life.

Next, we took the campaign that was working very well for their desktop traffic and adapted the way it was deployed so it would be mobile-compatible. Rather than triggering it upon abandonment, we launched a top bar that customers can tap on to fire the modal that was working so well on desktops during the checkout process.

Taking this one step further, we launched a second strategy targeting new traffic. This campaign captures more customer emails by promoting a giveaway plus a discount opportunity immediately after a potential customer lands on the mobile site.

The results: 206% increase in mobile conversion rates!

They have now had their highest volume of email captures on mobile in 30 days at a 9.2% opt-in rate. Desktop captured less than 1000 emails for the same time period with an average opt-in rate of 7%. The top bar campaign on mobile had a conversion rate of 10.34%. This lifted their overall mobile conversion rate from .30% to .92% -- an increase of 206%!

If you are interested to find out how we can help you optimize your mobile site with a plan tailored specifically for your business, contact us here to get started.