"Auto Peek" Animation Brings Life to Shopper Portal: Feature Friday

auto peek.gif

Last week we introduced our Shopper Portal, now this week we're already bringing you an update to this latest feature. 

Why? Because we can.

The Shopper Portal was designed as a solution to "popup doomsday"; to capture shopper attention without being intrusive. So we presented the eCommerce world with our tiny solution, that's going to have a not-so-tiny impact on on-site marketing. 

The name of the marketing game is still to capture shopper attention, so while mobile pop-ups are being kicked to the curb, there still needs to be a way to say "hey look at me!" without accidently saying "hey look at nothing else but me!!". 

So today we give you the "auto peek" feature.

This animation can be set by the client to be on or off, it's as simple as that. If on, the portal will "peek" open for ten seconds when a shopper enters the site. If off, the small bar will just load and wait for the shopper to interact with it. 

Just another reason to love the Shopper Portal.

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