Bronto Integrates with AddShoppers for Social Email Marketing

bronto We have just integrated with Bronto to help retailers connect with their social Influencers.

Bronto is an automated marketing platform for eCommerce that helps retailers deliver targeted email campaigns. By integrating your Bronto account with AddShoppers, we'll push the email addresses of your Influencers (people who share on your site) into your Bronto account automatically. This will allow you to:

  • Build your list of social users
  • Segment your existing users by "socialness"
  • Reach out to your shoppers after they share a product
  • Send special coupons out to people who share to encourage them to keep sharing
  • Reach out to people about products that they shared but didn't purchase

Ready to integrate your Bronto email marketing account into your AddShoppers account? It's a quick, easy copy/paste process -- please see our instructions.

AddShoppers Bronto Integration