New Insights on Your Pinterest Audience Performance

On Tuesday, Pinterest announced new social analytics now available for business account users. The new tool will phase out an older and more rudimentary analytics platform that Pinterest has had until now. With the introduction of deeper analytics, Pinterest hopes businesses will have a better understanding about their presence which may result in better content for the site. Although the information gathered may be useful to wider markets, it was developed for small to medium sized businesses and marketers to optimize their own activity, meaning advertising is not the primary objective of the new tool.

So, what insights will the new analytics tool provide you with? Great question!

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics

What Pinterest's Analytics Does and Doesn't Do.


  1. Give info about your pins. You’ll be able to see the impressions, repins, views, and even the volume of traffic driven to your external site from each pin in your profile.

  2. Provide data about your audience. The analytics will show you demographics, locations, and interests of your audience so you can optimize your pins.

  3. Yield data on promoted pins. Promoted pins are ads that businesses can purchase to be integrated on Pinterest. Any performance information for the ads will be displayed in the analytics dashboard.

oes Not

  1. Track pins from your external site. While the Pinterest analytics will track the pins you put up on your profile, it won’t track all the pins your customers share for you from your own website.

  2. Measure your revenue from pins. Pinterest can trace the traffic driven to your external site from your pins, but once pinners leave the Pinterest network your data collection stops. So, you won’t be able to see if your Pinterest audience actually converts into customers, the conversion rate, average order value, etc..
AddShoppers ROI Tracking

AddShoppers ROI Tracking

AddShoppers Sharing Buttons

AddShoppers Sharing Buttons

What's this mean for you?

While the new analytics are much needed update to Pinterest’s old tool, there is still something to be desired. AddShoppers closes the loop between activity on Pinterest and activity on your own website.  Our Smart Sharing Buttons and ROI Tracking apps will givie you a more complete picture of your audience and ultimately your customers.

Happy pinning!