#TBT: Gartner Cites AddShoppers Data

Its been a full year since our Social Commerce Breakdown was referenced in this report by Gartner, which demonstrates how social behavior evolves into social commerce. Specifically, the site reports on our 2013 research that a Facebook like is worth $1.41, whereas a share is valued at $3.58 (a factor of 2.53) and has a 134% higher conversion rate. Compare this to our 2014 Social Commerce Breakdown which highlights that the worth of a share was 3.4x more than a Like and the share conversion was 5.44x more than a Like. In just a year, then, the relative value of a share has significantly increased. 

As the Gartner report explains, the innate human responsiveness to trust, emotion, relevance, and rewards makes social commerce a natural evolution in the growing universe on online social sharing. Find complete 2014 Addshoppers data here or contact us for more information on how your organization can harness the power of social commerce.