Go time...

Happy New Year! Now that the holiday rush is over, it's time to get your site in shape for Q4 2012. Implementing AddShoppers should be one of the simplest and most effective things you can do this year.   Most retailers just put random sharing buttons on their product pages without a second thought.  Now you can increase sharing and see powerful analytics about who's sharing what and where.  You're welcome!

Here's what we've done lately:

  1. Revamped widget and admin design.  Clean and simple!
  2. Added StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Wishpot, and Kaboodle
  3. Moved to a CDN so our widget loads as fast as possible
  4. Implemented Uservoice to manage all issues and feedback
  5. Ability to track goals for a specified page instead of just your checkout success page
  6. Tons of tweaks and fixes
Here's what's coming soon:
  1. Adding Tumblr, and Google+ Sharing (let us know if you want a particular service added)
  2. A mini-widget
  3. Ability to choose the simple or more advanced integration with demographics
  4. Tons more fixes, I'm sure.
  5. Launch!