Motivational Monday: 20 Brands That Are Killing the Instagram Game

We’ve given you some tips on how to use Instagram to increase brand awareness in the past, now see some examples for yourself. Check out this list of brands on Instagram you should be following to see those practices in action. Scroll through and see how these top businesses use the social media channel to their advantage by marketing their brand with creativity and style.

1. Oreo

2. Nike

3. Taco Bell

4. Audi

5. American Express

6. Intel

7. Pabst Blue Ribbon

8. Virgin America

9. Sephora

10. Bonobos

11. Gucci

12. Converse

13. MTV

14. Warby Parker

15. GoPro

16. Sharpie

17. Red Bull

18. Target Style

19. General Electric

20. Topshop

About the Author

Maddie Deming is a guest contributor for the AddShoppers Blog. With a background in Business Analysis and journalistic writing, Deming brings a unique perspective to the blog.