Motivational Monday: 6 Entrepreneurial Infographics to Jumpstart the Week

The end of a weekend can end on a sad note, but these inspirational infographics will have you feeling pumped and hopeful this Monday! Statistics can be very inspirational and informational when you do your research. I have compiled a list of six infographics that are relatable and helpful in starting a new business and entrepreneurship.

1. Who are the Entrepreneurs? Where they come from, and what they’re up against:

2. A Look at Today’s Entrepreneur:

3. What Does a Successful Entrepreneur Look Like?

4. MBA to Entrepreneur:

5. Becoming an Entrepreneur:

6. Small Businesses:

About the Author

Maddie Deming is a guest contributor for the AddShoppers Blog. With a background in Business Analysis and journalistic writing, Deming brings a unique perspective to the blog.