Motivational Monday: 7 Hip Hop Lyrics to Get You Through the Day

Some days are harder than others to throw back the covers and get out of bed. Mondays are almost always one of those days. But these hip hop lyrics will pump you up and get you ready to take on anything the day can throw at you. Go ahead, check it out!

Won’t you follow me into the jungle?
— X Ambassadors, Jungle
To everyone who said I’d never make it. Oh Lord, weren’t you mistaken. I got a dinner date with greatness.
— Iggy Azalea, Heavy Crown
I’m not the trash can. Not the last man at the finish line, now. I’m not the new kid on the block that you can just follow and push around.
— Yelawolf, 'Till It's Gone
I love myself. One day at a time, sun gon’ shine.
— Kendrick Lamar, i
If I want it, bet I got it. If I don’t then all I gotta do is go get it.
— T.I., Go Get It
Getting money ever since I came in it, you couldn’t stop me if you tried.
— Rick Ross, The Devil is a Lie
This is the finale, my pep talk turn into a pep rally.
— A$AP Rocky, F**kin' Problems

Want the music? Listen below.