Putting Your Discovery Wall to Work

The AddShoppers Discovery Wall app makes it easy for you to share with your customers products that are trending in real time. It can be a useful tool on your site to increase customer time on your site and boost their average order value. But, don’t be limited to just adding the app to your site. It can do so much more. Here are a few ideas to increase the reach of your Discovery Wall.

Add it to Facebook

Have a Facebook fan page? Add your Discovery Wall to your page and increase customer engagement. Let’s face it, people are probably on Facebook more than your site. So encourage them to head over to your site by displaying your most social products.

Put it in an email campaign 

Enhance your email marketing with the integration of a Discovery Wall right in the email! This will help capture customer attention and, again, encourage them to visit your site.

Mary Maxim email campaign featuring Discovery Wall

Mary Maxim email campaign featuring Discovery Wall

Use it to boost SEO

By using category filters you can display the products within specific categories and show user generated, fresh, dynamic content directly on your category pages.

Rosenberry Rooms - Children's Furniture Discovery Wall

Rosenberry Rooms - Children's Furniture Discovery Wall

Think of your Discovery Wall like a Pinterest feed that only displays your products to consumers. The feed is constantly updating, just like a Pinterest feed, but it only updates with your real-time trending products, giving customers a look at what your brand has to offer.

What other creative ways can you integrate a Discovery Wall?