97% of your visitors are unreachable.

Join the largest shopper identity co-op and instantly reach more inboxes. Add a new Top 5 revenue channel today by unlocking the power of third-party email retargeting.


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15% Revenue

15% Revenue

15% Revenue

15% Revenue

15% Revenue

15% Revenue

Engaging Millions of Shoppers

Email Retargeting®

Send incremental 3rd party emails to unidentified site visitors you can’t send to today.

Triggered Emails

Send dynamic 1st party personalized emails to customers shopping in real-time.

Onsite Experiences

Grow your zero party data and optimize your conversion rate.



Turn unknown visitors into known shoppers.

The backbone of AddShoppers is our Deterministic ShopperID™ Graph. Our graph is co-op’d from the brands that opt-in to our identity network. The result is one of the largest proprietary in-market data sources available (200M+ monthly shoppers).

Once you know who a visitor is, we maintain the integrations into your CRM, ESP, Call Center, and DMP so you can activate campaigns directly inside your current workflows or use our engagement suite if you prefer.



Grow beyond CRM with real-time 1:1 messaging.

Integrate your data into any other system or leverage AddShoppers built-in targeting tools to launch triggered emails, onsite behavioral messaging, dynamic retargeting campaigns, and much more.

AddShoppers robust campaign manager allows you to quickly import templates and engage with your customers in real-time to implement 1:1 campaigns that typically require engineering resources and deep data integrations.



Actionable insights for marketers.

Go beyond standard channel and campaign-based attribution to prevent wasted spend and time. Without a people-based attribution system, you’ll always have duplicate spend and no real view of what’s incremental.

Using our scoring algorithms, we’ll show you where customers are in your conversion funnels so you can focus on the right segments. Use our A/B/n testing solution to quickly know the content and promotions that work best at each stage of your funnel. Create data-driven customer journeys.


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Conversion Rates

"By creating this fun and relaxed experience for the consumer using AddShoppers, we’ve nurtured them towards taking the next step in the consumer lifecycle with our brand by having planted a positive experience and increased brand recognition."

Tiffany Mass, Social Media Specialist at Sun & Ski Sports


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