Facebook Retargeting


Bring back lost customers that abandon your store with a powerful Facebook Retargeting campaign.  Our remarketing platform will automatically optimize your campaign to display more ads to customers who were the most engaged with your website. 

Higher ROI campaigns automatically
Target customers on the world's largest social network
No more codes to install!
Easily take advantage of Facebook Retargeting with AddShoppers.
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Retargeting on Steroids

By default, retargeting reaches a specific, valuable audience: people who have already shown interest in your site but haven't purchased. We add more segments for an even more targeted campaign:

Target people who display purchase intent
Target influencers
Target big spenders
More coming soon


Drive Conversions For Pennies

With a campaign targeting a valuable audience, you'll see a great ROI. Some merchants in our Facebook retargeting beta saw CPAs of less than $1 (pennies!).

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Attract Customers Back

Fact: Most people who come to your site will leave and never return (even during the checkout process!). Our Facebook retargeting app helps bring these people back to your site to continue browsing (or placing that order!).


Build Your Brand

Get into the minds of your audience with additional brand impressions after they leave your site. After viewing your site, they've probably only seen your brand once or twice, far below the amount necessary to build brand recognition, recall, and mindshare. Retargeting lowers this gap and makes your brand stand out.


Works with ANY eCommerce platform