ROI Tracking


Industry-leading social media revenue attribution.

Our patent-pending social network ROI Tracking app helps you understand the value of social actions to your store. Using this app, you can measure the value of a "Like", Tweet, Pin, and a whole lot more.

Track orders to the referral source
Identify important social networks
Know the value of a share
It is truly fantastic to finally be able to effectively quantify shares in real dollars.
— Derek Gaskins, Aleva Stores

The ROI of Social Revealed

Eliminate the guesswork in measuring the value of social sharing. AddShoppers ROI Tracking tracks shares to sales so you can finally discover what a social share is worth to your business.


View Socially Influenced Orders

You can see all orders that were preceded by a social action, whether it was sharing or being referred by a share. See the order number, which social network was used, and which customers were involved by social network, including:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Wanelo, and more.


Track Revenue By Influencer

Find out who are your most powerful influencers in terms of what really matters: driving revenue. Uncover your customers who are referring sales through social media, see which products they have shared and analytics of their sharing activity, including shares, clicks, sales, and revenue.


ROI Tracking Resources

The Definitive Guide to Revenue Attribution

Understanding & measuring how each of your marketing initiatives contribute to your overall revenue.


Works with ANY eCommerce platform