Smart Retargeting


Bring back lost customers that abandon your store with a powerful display retargeting campaign. By utilizing your social data, your remarketing budget is automatically optimized towards users who showed more intent and are more likely to purchase.

Higher ROI campaigns automatically
Reach customers across the Web
No codes to install!
...allows retailers to reach customers who are more likely to convert because they’ve been engaged on their site.

Where will your retargeting ads show?

We've partnered with the leading DSPs to make sure your ads will only show on approved publisher websites.  At the end of the day - this means you'll get a higher ROI because we won't waste impressions.


Even Better Retargeting

Retargeting in general works because you’re targeting people with interest in your site by default. Add in even more targeting factors and you move from “targeted” to “red dot precision”:

Target people who display purchase intent
Target influencers
Target big spenders
More coming soon


High ROI Campaigns

One general rule of advertising: The more targeted your campaign, the more ROI you’ll see. With a campaign as highly targeted as we’re able to deliver, merchants usually see a 5x return or better.


Bring Customers Back

The vast majority of people who visit your site will abandon, never to return (sometimes in the middle of placing an order!). Retargeting brings these people back to your site where they left off so you have another chance at converting these people who have already displayed interest in your products.


Strengthen Your Brand

Advertising experts have long agreed that it takes at least 7 brand impressions before people begin to become familiar with your brand. Retargeting helps add those crucial brand impressions after the initial impression from browsing your site.


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Common Questions

Q. How retargeting works

Retargeting, in general, is a simple form of advertising where ads are shown to one specific audience: people that have already visited your site but haven’t made a purchase.

Here’s what the process looks like:

  1. A visitor browses your shop.
  2. They abandon your site without making a purchase.
  3. Retargeting shows them ads on sites that they visit later.
  4. The ads bring the visitor back to your site, giving you another chance to turn them into a customer!

Q. How is Social Retargeting different from regular retargeting?

Glad you asked! On the surface, Smart Retargeting is very similar to standard Retargeting. However, because we are able to track social actions such as shares and Likes, we deliver a highly targeted campaign that bids more to target people who display social intent.

Here’s an example:

  1. Pete visits your shop.
  2. Pete shares a product on your shop.
  3. Pete abandons your shop.
  4. We increase your bid to target Pete because he’s shown higher engagement and intent.
  5. Pete sees your ad, clicks it, and comes back to complete his purchase.

Q. How Social Retargeting helps you make the most of your Facebook and Twitter campaigns

When you market on Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels (for example, posting links for your followers to click on, advertising on Facebook or Twitter, or paying for Sponsored Tweets), you’ll tend to drive a lot of clicks but many of those visitors won’t convert. People will click over, but they’re just clicking to see what was posted, not to shop.

Smart Retargeting helps you make the most of these visitors because you can bring them back to your site after that first visit. Many of these people are just coming to your site for the first time and they’ll completely forget about your store after they leave. With Social Retargeting, you can display ads to these people and turn them from browsers into customers.

A perfect example of this is the “Celebrity effect”. If you somehow get a celebrity to Tweet your site (Sponsored or otherwise), they’ll likely drive tons of traffic, but it might not convert very well. Social Retargeting gives you a chance to re-market to those people who would otherwise be gone forever.


Works with ANY eCommerce platform