Social Analytics


Understand your shop’s performance by tracking all the social network activity with one piece of easy to install javascript code.

Track influential customers
Know your most social products in real-time
Stop flying blind with social
Retailers are able to not only track the number of times each product is shared, but also whether that sharing is impacting sales.
— Internet Retailer Magazine

Make Sense Out Of Social

Without a good social analytics tracking system, it’s almost impossible to tell how your shop and products are performing over social media. Worse yet, most social media analytics aren’t even built for eCommerce!

AddShoppers tracks all sharing activity that happens from your site, organizes all the data, and displays it to you in an easy, intuitive interface. Now it’s easy to see how your shop performs across the social web.  It's more powerful than Google Analytics!


Identify Key Influencers

AddShoppers shows you a list of people who shared and detailed data about their sharing activity — which products they shared, which networks they used, how many clicks they drove, and more. Sort by shares, clicks, and even sales and revenue driven (along with the ROI Tracking app).

This unlocks a powerful opportunity that allows you to identify your most valuable influencers, the people who are sharing your products and driving sales, and reach out to them to get them to share even more. Once you identify your top influencers, send them a coupon or a free gift to encourage more sharing!


Social Product Insights

Each product has its own report where you can track stats like shares, clicks, and, with the ROI Tracking app installed, sales and revenue. You can even drill down further to see these stats per network and per influencer.


Demographic Intelligence

Product reports also display audience data, so you can see which demographics each product is popular with. This unlocks valuable targeting data for your marketing efforts!


Social Analytics Resources

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Integrate with ANY eCommerce platform