Social Rewards


This Social Rewards app helps you increase customer engagement by rewarding certain social actions. Don't just publicize coupons, let your customers easily share for coupons.

Increase brand loyalty
Lower shopping cart abandonment
Avoid paying affiliate commissions
Retailers are also able to incentivize sharing (for certain networks) by offering customers a discount each time they share. This could reduce shopping cart abandonment...
— Internet Retailer Magazine

Increase Product Sharing Over 2x

By rewarding sharing with a coupon, your shoppers will be much more likely to share a product over a social network. Our callout tag grabs their attention and notifies them that there is a discount available for sharing. We’ve seen our existing users easily double their sharing activity by using Social Rewards.  


Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment

By arming your shoppers with a coupon before they hit the checkout page, they will have no need to abandon the checkout process in search of a coupon. This helps increase conversion rates and also increase coupon margins (see the next point).


Increase Coupon Margin

By not having to search for a coupon (see the point above), your customers won’t end up on an affiliate coupon site. This means that you won’t have to pay a commission to coupon affiliates, saving your margin.


Smart Rewarding Filters

Want to offer different rewards for different pages or products? You can load multiple coupons and filter them to only display on certain pages.


Reward Anything

You can offer anything as a reward for sharing, not just coupons. Free shipping, contest entries, or shopping tips — all can be used as incentives for sharing.


Works with ANY eCommerce platform