Smart Sharing Buttons


The buttons up here ^ and the ones you see floating on the left run through our social sharing system.

Our Smart Social Media Sharing Buttons make it easy to increase your traffic and sales from social referrals.

Easy one-click sharing
Beautiful shares with product data
Collect more emails and customer data
[AddShoppers is a ] ... solution for more sales through its unique social sharing technology.

Increase Social Networking Traffic

Adding sharing buttons helps increase your traffic due to word-of-mouth social referrals. When your shoppers share your products, they’ll influence their friends to also check out your shop.

If you’re not taking advantage of social referrals, you’re missing out on a great source of free, qualified traffic. Make sure your shop has sharing buttons on all pages to leverage this valuable traffic source.


Facebook Want and Own Buttons

We pioneered the eCommerce-specific Facebook Open Graph Want and Own buttons. Use these buttons to allow your shoppers to go beyond Likes to express buying interest.


Built for eCommerce

AddShoppers sharing buttons were built for sharing products, not articles or blog posts. Other sharing solutions enable sharing, but aren’t optimized for eCommerce.


Simplified Sharing

Don’t confuse your shoppers with hundreds of sharing options to social networks that they’ve never heard of. AddShoppers only integrates with the most important social networks, especially the ones that matter for eCommerce!


Increase Your Exposure

As your customers share products, you’ll get tons of exposure on social networks, which will help drive more traffic to your site. Better yet, our sharing buttons integrate rich product data to make your shares look beautiful.


Flexible, User-Friendly Sharing

Unlike other social sharing solutions, we don’t force your visitors to approve your app. Sure, we encourage it so that you get the most user analytics possible, but we also allow your users to share without approving the app. This generates more shares because shares will still go through, even if the user doesn’t approve your app!


Build Your Email List

(Pro/Enterprise) Add your influencers to your subscriber lists, start a special “Influencers Only” email list, encourage continued sharing, and more.


Works with ANY eCommerce platform