Trending Wall


The Trending Wall App makes it easy to add a wall of your most shared or most recently shared products to anywhere on your site.

Increases "time on site"
Boosts Average Order Value
Works in emails and on Facebook Pages too!
...makes it easy to add a wall of your most social products on your site. Allow your shoppers to discover products as they trend in real-time on the social web.


Feature Products Dynamically

The AddShoppers Trending Wall shows your most social products as they trend on the social web, with no need to manually update products as they become popular.


A Deeper Social Integration

The more you socialize your site, the more fun it is for your shoppers. The Trending Wall adds a fun way for customers to interact with your products and their favorite social networks.


Integrate Social Data With Products

Integrates real-time social data (Likes, Tweets, Pins, Wants, etc) for your products along with standard product data (name, image, price, etc).


Enhancing Facebook, SEO and Email

You can use the Trending Wall to enrich your Facebook page and customer emails, as well as show user generated, fresh, dynamic content directly on your category pages, to engage your customers and encourage site visits.


Works with ANY eCommerce platform