10 Content Ideas Worth Sharing

10 Content Ideas Worth Sharing

Since you’re here on AddShoppers.com, you know that tracking and having shareable content is one of your keys to success. This comes in the form of blog posts, tweets, status updates, pins, videos, and every other type of content you create and post online.

This post will illustrate content that is truly shareable. These examples of display the techniques I’m describing. Consider this show AND tell time for shareable content!

1 - Real time content creation

News events, especially those related to your brand, are killer shares. If you’re not great at creating the actual content, having an informed and relevant opinion can also lead to shares.

Here’s Farmer’s Insurance with a tweet, in real-time, when their spokesperson won an Oscar:


The key was saying it in real time right after JK won the award. Don’t have a spokesperson about to win an Oscar, or even a Grammy? All you have to do is find appropriate places and topics for your brand to make comments on. Make dog food? Comment on a televised dog pagent. Make clothes? Hello, NYFW and Reality TV shows (think ANTM & Project Runway).

2 - Listen to your fans

If your fans are commenting, replying, and sharing one piece of content, or one idea, often you need to listen. These are your fans and they’re telling you what’s important to them and giving you an opportunity to create it for them.

The team at Blendtec did just this when one of their fans, Richard from RatedRR (now called FullMag), thought that their videos weren’t real. Blendtec took the time to listen to their community, who wanted them to have a response, and made this video:


RatedRR never replied to Blentec, but the fans of Will It Blend? They sure did! This isn’t just a great video marketing tip, it can be used on every social media platform. Watch your analytics and click throughs to find your best content.

3 - Use some pop culture

First, don’t take this as an excuse to go sleazy or to go off brand message. If you make cat toys you may not want to talk about the latest celebrity drug bust. But that same cat toy manufacturer is free to make a comment if a celebrity were to bring their cat to the red carpet.

A current example of this is mentioning David Letterman’s retirement. Not every brand has a Dave connection, but those that do are sure to have content ready.

Here’s Comic Book Resources with a connection, and a use of the #ThanksDave hashtag:


4 - You’ve got (ideas in your) mail

The content sent in your email blasts is already set for sharing, but few brands realize that you can share this content anywhere. Take a look through the stats on your past email campaigns, find what had the best click through rates, and either share that content or create new content about that topic.

I’m on the email blast for Entertainment Earth, a fantasy and comic books online store, because I’m a geek. I recalled seeing an ad in one of their weekly newsletters that included some of those people from Hogwarts. They must have seen some great click through rates because their retweets when they created a tweet in response was shared 10 times as much as any other:


5 - Do what I did - Write a list!

You’re here right now because you wanted to read a list, and I’m betting that a number of you came here via a share on social media. Lists are great sharing opportunities as people like to have clear direction given, and to get new ideas. The closer relation there is between the list and your brand, the better.

Here’s an online brand, Creative Savings, sharing a list of ways to stay organized. It fits their brand, and has over 1,000 repins already:


Addshopers has a great list of their own on their blog that should have helped them get targeted shares amongst their audience.

6 - Analyze the “Best of Something”

You typically start seeing this type of content near the end of the year with lists. You can also create them after big events. Something like “The Best of Last Night’s Episode of Famous Show.” Or, if you just came back from an industry event; “The Best of the 2015 My Industry Show.”

Whether you go with a year end ‘best of’ summary, or create them throughout the year, they’re always a great share as people want to know what you think is the best. This can stir debate and engage your community prompting further sharing.

Here’s PC Gamer, a magazine that specializes in video games, creating a mega-shareable and relevant list for Twitter:


7 - Start a discussion

No, this isn’t an excuse to have a troll war. No one, except the lonely trolls, enjoys them. Dealing with negative comments is about 0% fun. What you can do instead is bring up a news story, or a general topic that’s always debated, and ask people for their opinion.

Charmin has mastered this with their Twitter account. They frequently ask questions about bathroom etiquette issues to their audience. Resulting in more shares and great debates that lead to users @mentioning the accounts of their friends:


8 - Be positive and grow the good

Social media is where many people go to escape the horror that is the 24 hour news cycle where death, betrayal, and real human suffering rule the day. Social media accounts that send out hateful, or mean spirited, messages are frequently ignored and rightly lambasted.

I know that the lure of cheap notoriety by being catty is enticing, there are whole TV shows that exist just for it, but it is not a long-term social media plan. Having fun, and sharing it, is a great way to build an audience that actually cares about your brand.

Perhaps no brand on Earth is as loved as Canada's Tim Horton’s. Here’s them taking to YouTube to continue growing that positive message:


It wasn’t a video complaining about the bitterness of a Canadian winter, it was about coming together somewhere warm as a community. Canadians watched it to the tune of 1.1 million views, shared it over 800 times, and someone ordered me a double double and sent it to the far off land I now call home.

Please. I need a double double.

9 - Interviews are an easy share

Not only are interviews an easy share, but they also help establish your brand as an expert in your industry. If the company CEO was interviewed by Time, get it out there. If the shelf stocker in a franchise store was commended for helping an old lady and the local paper interviews him, get it out there. From the top to the bottom of your company look for interviews to share and let your audience see these revealing pieces of content:

Here’s Complex getting great shares, helped by the person being interviewed, on an easy tweet to send out:


10 - We demand contests and more contests

The greatest appeal about social media is how it helps people spread messages that help other people. We’ve all shared a contest or giveaway with someone we know because we want to help someone we know get a prize.

If you’re really paying attention, make sharing the contest part of entering to really amp up your shares. Here’s Filly Flair showing you how it’s done:


1,000+ shares and 3,000+ Likes is nothing to sneeze at.


Matthew is the social media analyst over on the Devumi.com Social Media blog. You can find him there every Friday analyzing the latest developments in the world of Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can also follow the @Devumi Twitter account for news all day long from the Devumi Gorilla!