10 Great Shopify Apps to Enhance Your eCommerce Store

10 Great Shopify Apps to Enhance Your eCommerce Store
Ten Great Shopify Apps

When running an ecommerce store, the base template/theme isn’t going to give you the fully functional store or automations that you need. When asked the question; “what are the 10 best Shopify apps for my ecommerce store” I'd have to respond with “AddShoppers” 10 times over... but that seems a little ‘biased,’ so here are 10 other amazing applications that you need to check out as soon as possible.


Shoppad logo


ShopPad will enhance your store for tablets and smartphones in under five minutes with a beautiful user interface.

What is particularly great about this app is that the interface is automatically generated by extracting information from your existing e-commerce platform. This means that you do not have to spend additional time managing different versions of your stores.

No coding is required! - Shoppad is a full solution, not just a template!

SEO Meta Manager



Organic search results are where the bulk of your potential leads are likely to come from. Unfortunately, the first impression that search engines provide to browsers is what web crawler decide to show them. These bots are not perfect, your page descriptions and titles in search engine results pages (SERPs) can be taken out of context or have key information missing or just be sloppy.

This is where SEO Meta Manager comes in. The app lets you designate the titles and page descriptions for your store that are shown in SERPs. From making changes yourself, such as promoting free delivery, you are almost guaranteed to increase your click through rate. This is a critical benefit because SERPs are often the very start of the conversion funnel.

Although the changes you make are manual, remember that if you want something done right, you have got to do it yourself! The tutorials also provided by SEO Meta Manager make SEO so easy your grandmother could do it.




Chimpified seamlessly integrates your store with your Mailchimp account (I highly recommend them as an email sender in general), allowing you to target email campaigns at your customer base. This, however, is true integration from the moment they checkout to their repeat purchase.

Chimpified begins with asking customers to sign-up to your mailing list and automatically syncs them to your Mailchimp account. From there, the real fun starts. The app lets you craft the perfect email using templates and segment targeting.

This can achieve a wide variety of benefits from encouraging product reviews to announcing sales promotions. And, like any great app, pretty much everything can be automated!

Plug in SEO



So your new store launch has gone down well. But are you struggling to maintain a steady stream of organic customers? You have probably looked into SEO, only to have been bewildered by thousands of articles all with different recommendations on how to improve store performance.

Plug in SEO cuts out the crap. The app simply tells you what to change within your store. If you check out the reviews, you will see that Plug in SEO is loved by store owners for its 100% bespoke recommendations.

Olark live chat + CartSaver


$17.00 - $243.00 per month / 14 day free trial

Olark live chat + CartSaver gives you the power to talk to shoppers as they browse your site. This customer service tool allows you to ‘watch’ customers as they navigate through your store and then engage in a conversation when you feel the time is right.

Let’s say you see a customer going back-and-forth comparing two products on your site. This is prime opportunity to step-in and offer assistance in explaining the key features of the products being considered by the customer.

Big retailers pay agencies mega bucks for these kinds of services. But your store can now compete with the big dogs thanks to the low monthly subscription.

Omnistar Affiliate Software


$27.00 - $97.00 per month / 15 day free trial

Omnistar Affiliate Software is the ultimate DIY solution to affiliate marketing. Getting others to get the word out and share your store is a great way to increase your sales.

This can very quickly turn into a data nightmare trying to match-up what affiliate has generated what leads, and what leads have generated what sales. This app takes care of that for you by collecting data and generating detailed reports. Do not wait until you have hundreds of angry affiliates claiming they haven’t been paid correctly to trial this!

Stitch Labs


$25.00 per month / 21 day free trial

Stitch Labs is your do-it-all cure to your management headaches. You better believe it when this app says that it is more than inventory management. Stitch Labs lets you generate invoices, print labels and integrate your different stores over at Amazon and eBay. Be sure to visit their app page to see the full list…

The best part of letting this single app manage these tasks is that all your data is put together in a user-friendly dashboard. The more complex your business is, the greater the potential there is to completely change how you view data. This is why this particular app is great for multi-channel and/or multi-warehouse retailers.

Yotpo Product Reviews

yotpo logo


Yotpo Product Reviews lets stores utilize the full potential of reviews. By giving shoppers a social identity, browsing customers can see for themselves the legitimacy of the reviews. As a result, your reviews will be seen as far more trustworthy and more likely to gain a conversion.

Reviews are the real reason why shoppers flock to Amazon when purchasing online. Word of mouth only becomes more important in the world of e-commerce; when the product is tricky for consumers to evaluate, they place great importance on the recommendation of others when searching for that perfect product.

But this app is not just focused on review quality. Through automatic review reminders, customers can be encouraged to share their thoughts, allowing you to eventually build up a large database. An added benefit of this is that these reviews can inform also inform you, the store owner, on what is and what is not working with your products and store.


ecomm hub logo

$35.00 - $150.00 per month / 14 day free trial

eCommHub lets your drop-shipping business run itself with inventory and supplier management. Drop-shipping can appear to be a simple retail concept, but when you factor in multiple suppliers, fulfilment centres and warehouses, chaos can develop.

True to their word eCommHub puts your business on ‘autopilot’ by taking care of this complicated integration. And lets face it, the copilot barely does anything…

If these apps sound too good to be true, I recommended that you take a look at the customer reviews. What you will find is nothing but a pattern of 5 star ratings! Don’t hesitate, grab these shopify applications now!



This posting originally disclosed 10 apps, however, we've recently discovered that the app "Lettuce" is no longer available. These 9 apps are still pretty awesome, and still available!