What’s your homepage worth?

What’s your homepage worth?

Hint:  not as much as you’d think.

Did you know that most customers never visit the homepage?

Since the inception of the Internet, the homepage has reigned supreme. From current promotions to branded educational content, and new releases; the homepage is the first place most marketers think of utilizing to drive visitor awareness. 

However, recent studies suggest that many of your users neither arrive via homepage nor visit the homepage at all. 

For most eCommerce sites, homepage landings represent fewer than half of all eCommerce landings. 

So how can I see what’s happening with my homepage?

To view homepage consumption in Google Analytics: 

  1. Open reports
  2. Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages  
  3. Identify “/” (usually the top landing page)

Below is an example of a retailer with over 1.2M sessions per month. In this example, only 20% of their sessions start on the homepage. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 11.02.32 AM.png

To make matters more challenging, only 16% of New Users start at the homepage. 

To frame it another way using the same data, 1 million total visitors and 330,294 first time visitors arrived at the site not knowing: 

  • The brand’s story
  • The hottest new items
  • The promotion for Father’s Day

Hope is not a strategy

The first and most common option eCommerce marketers choose, is to hope users find the homepage. Data suggests this will not happen. Often homepage visits account for fewer than 8% of total pageviews. 

With most sites earning 3 visits on average per session, a marketer’s ability to display key promotions and brand stories are becoming limited.   

The second strategy is bringing the content to the customer. 

Across our client base, we see a marked improvement in email acquisition rates, referral and conversion rates, by simply educating site visitors on current store offers. This is easily accomplished by bringing all site content to where the customer chooses to navigate. Read more here

What you can do about it

  1. Provide a source/UTM tag for the home page banners. Or, create an event.
  2. Measure the total revenue generated by the promotion as a % of revenue.
  3. Calculate the ratio of Homepage sessions: Site sessions. 
  4. Multiply that ratio by homepage attributed revenue to calculate revenue potential
  5. This gives an estimate of how valuable homepage promotions are across your site. 
pasted image 0.png

In the example above, $324,170 stems from homepage banner promotions. Which is 6% off of $4.8M in sales. This revenue is from 20% of traffic landing on the homepage.

What would happen if homepage promotions and content are brought to users throughout the site; which is 4x more traffic than the existing homepage? Would it yield another $1.2M? Could that process provide even more incremental revenue? 

Our data varies from store to store, but 100% of the time, automagically surfacing content for visitors lifts revenue per visitor. 

How does your data look? Are 100% of your site visitors seeing the most important marketing content on their journey?

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