3 Welcome Emails to Send to New Signups

3 Welcome Emails to Send to New Signups

Imagine a scenario where you’ve collected thousands of new email subscribers with AddShoppers. Congrats! You now have a whole new group of customers to market to. But now you might be wondering, “What’s next?”

Welcome emails are often the first touchpoint eCommerce stores have with new subscribers, and as such they are a key component of any email marketing strategy. Putting your best foot forward and introducing subscribers to your brand is the first step following getting them to sign up. Welcome emails are especially important for eCommerce stores since they increase brand awareness and act as your first opportunity to display your product catalog. They also have an average open rate of around 50%, which is nearly double that of typical campaigns. Needless to say, they present a key marketing opportunity.

Since these emails are so important, you might be tempted to include as much information as possible. For this reason, you should send a series of three emails as opposed to just one email. That way, you’re not cramming too much information into a single email and, you’ll give your new subscribers a chance to process what you’re sending them. Outlined below are the three emails that every eCommerce store should send.

1. Intro Email

The first email in your welcome series should be short and sweet. You want to introduce new subscribers to your brand, but you don’t want to overwhelm them. Make sure this email is sent as soon as a subscriber has signed up -- if you use double opt-in, make sure you send it when a subscriber confirms their email address. The key is to strike while the iron is hot, and signing up to hear from you is a strong indication of interest.

The primary focus of your first email should be a call to action. Once you decide what action you would like new subscribers to take (i.e. visit website, log in, purchase a specific product), create a strong call to action. Most often, calls to actions are buttons or images that redirect to the page you’d like a new subscriber to visit.

Also, be sure to include any help links in the welcome email, such as a link to your FAQ page, sizing chart, or support contact. You want to facilitate the sales process as much as possible, so make sure new subscribers can reach out if they need help.

2. Best Selling Products Email

Think of the products displayed in your welcome email as the front window of your eCommerce shop. Like retail stores, you should display either your newest or most popular products to draw potential customers inside. Showcasing these products first will increase the chance that new subscribers will see a product that catches their eye.

To increase the social proof of your products, include product reviews, testimonials, or influencer endorsements. If new subscribers see positive feedback from existing customers, they will be more likely to trust the quality of your products. In that same vein, include links to your social media so new subscribers can follow you and see what others are saying about your company.

3. Gallery Email

A gallery email is similar to a bestselling products email in that its primary focus is to display your most enticing products. However, a gallery email should contain more products -- between six and nine -- and give a more holistic view of your company’s product catalog. For example, if you sell men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, display three new or popular items from each category.

If you send a gallery email in addition to a bestselling products email, make sure there isn’t any overlap in the products shown. You want to cast a broad net, so show new subscribers different material in each welcome series email you send.


Sending a welcome series is the crucial first step after you collect a new email address, so make sure you use an email marketing platform like Klaviyo that can send a welcome series automatically. If you don’t take advantage of this initial opportunity, you’re leaving money on the table. When you use Klaviyo in tandem with a robust email collection software like AddShoppers, you’re sure to send your new subscribers the right message at the right time. 

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Marissa Petteruti is on the marketing team at Klaviyo, an email marketing company that specializes in helping brands drive revenue by making email more targeted and personalized. Click here to visit their blog, or visit the Klaviyo website to sign up for a free account.