4 Stupid Mistakes You Should Avoid in Social Media

4 Stupid Mistakes You Should Avoid in Social Media

The digital marketing world has reached the stage where integrating a social media network for your business is no longer optional.  It has evolved from something that was “nice to have” to a business necessity.  Savvy marketers recognize this global impact of social media and its power to establish online presence, engage potential customers, and build influence.

However, just as social media can be the powerful tool for bridging your brand to potential customers, it can also easily be the tool that can drive them away.

Steer away from these common social media mistakes to avoid damaging the reputation of your business and your chance of success:

1. Posting for the sake of posting

Are your social media networks correctly displaying what your brand really is?  Everything you post reflect what your business is.  The blog articles you post and even the anecdotes, pictures and videos you share reflect the brand personality you are attempting to build.

Focus on what you want your customers to perceive your brand and post or link relevant texts, image, and video.

Do not post just to have content.

Remember the saying “quality over quantity.”  Read your posts carefully such as they do not seem repetitive.  Receiving hundred messages online can already be overwhelming for the readers so make sure you post fresh, relevant, and consumer-centric content. 

Internally, we believe “Social Media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.” 

2. Listening but not hearing

Sure you have social media accounts.  But are you responding to comments posted by your followers?  Allocate a portion of your time to dedicate on reading the comments of your followers.  This is a great way to get insights from your market and directly interact with your customers.  Are they praising you or are they complaining on your service or product’s particular feature?

Did you sign in to almost all of the available social channels?  While this is very tempting, this is one of the common pitfalls in social media marketing.  The obvious reason: who is going to manage all of these accounts?  Can you sustain a superior presence on all of those accounts?

Social media is the perfect channel to have a meaningful engagement with your customers.  

Use the 30/30/40 Rule

  • 30% of your time is spent on replying to people who communicate directly to you
  • 30% of your time is spent responding to your top influencers
  • 40% of your time is spent communicating with new people you’ve never communicated with before (helps increase your reach and followers)

Connect with your customers.  Listen and be heard.  Then build your sustainable online community.

3. Letting the social network be your personal outlet

It is very tempting to voice out personal insights particularly negative posts on your business’ social channel.  As a rule of thumb, only post what you want the entire world to read.  There is no going back once you’ve clicked the send button.  

Be professional and post content only relevant and associated with your business.  Yes, it is easy to manage one main account; but be aware of the danger of voicing out something that may badly reflect on your brand.

Recommended topics to stay away from:

  1. Politics
  2. Religion
  3. Adult Themed Topics

These topics might be very important to you and you might be passionate about them. But not everyone shares those views.

4. Poor timing on scheduling

Know when to post your social media.  Are majority of your customers in the United States particularly in the Eastern Time Zone?  Sharpen your analytics and determine your site visitors and customers to properly schedule your social media postings. 

I am still shocked at how many social media accounts publish important information that needs to generate traction (blog posts, incentive offers…etc) at the worst times. Use a social tool that tells you when your best time is to publish. Then publish (or schedule) out your best content that you need to get traction on, during those times. It will help you maximize your reach.

You can even hire a social media management company (selfish plug) to help turbo charge your social media activities and tell you what the perfect timing is. 

Remember, Social Media humanizes the brand. Create a unique personality that allows individuals to communicate openly with your brand. Provide that WOW factor and people will be flocking to you. 

About the Author

Matthew Goulart is the founder of Ignite Digital, a Canadian Digital Marketing Agency. He has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Washington Times and several other publications. Through Ignite Digital, Matthew works with Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies from around the world and has helped in launching digital marketing initiatives for his clients.

This is a guest post from Ignite Digital.