How to Kill Shopping Cart Abandonment and Increase Social Sharing...At the Same Time!

How to Kill Shopping Cart Abandonment and Increase Social Sharing...At the Same Time!

Imagine this: You’re shopping online, ready to check out. You click the ‘Checkout’ button and on the checkout page sits a ‘Enter Coupon Code’ box. You don’t have a coupon code, but you sure would like to save a couple dollars on your order. They must have coupon codes available, since they have a box for it! So, what do you do?

You leave the site, of course, headed straight to Google or a popular coupon site to search for a coupon that you can use on your order. You might find a coupon, but most likely you won’t. If you don’t find a coupon, you might not return to the site that you were SO close to ordering from. You might find a coupon for a different store that offers the same product and complete your order there instead. If you do in fact find a coupon, you’ll likely click on an affiliate link that heads back to the original store to use the coupon.

Does that sound familiar? If you shop online, you probably do this whenever you order anything online. I definitely do.

Now, as an online retailer, let’s look at this situation again.

You have a potential customer who has filled their cart with everything they want to buy from their store. They hit your checkout button, see the ‘Enter Coupon’ field on your checkout page, and leave your site, in search of a coupon. Many of these customers will either return to your site through an affiliate link (more on this later) or completely abandon their order at your site.

This is where AddShoppers comes in.

The AddShoppers incentivized social sharing buttons offer your customers a coupon code in return for sharing your products on a social network, all from your checkout page. Your customers can get the coupon code that they want without ever leaving your site. There’s no need to search for a coupon code from third-party sites. Plus, they’ll share your product(s) in exchange for the coupon code, which means more exposure for your site.

What about the affiliate link problem mentioned above? Well, in the event that a customer leaves your checkout page (as described above), they will likely leave your site and end up on a coupon site that uses affiliate links. If they click back to your site, it will be through an affiliate link and you’ll have to hand over a commission for that sale.

AddShoppers eliminates this situation because customers don’t have to leave your site in order to get access to a coupon code. By never leaving your site, they won’t click back through an affiliate link and you won’t have to pay out an affiliate commission.

How can you start using this powerful tool? AddShoppers is easy to integrate with your online store. It can be installed on any ecommerce platform and we have many custom integrations already (including Magento, Shopify, Volusion, and more).

In addition, AddShoppers also gives you access to detailed reports on exactly who is sharing your products, who is driving the most traffic and sales, which products are shared the most, which networks are driving the most traffic and sales, and just about everything else you could ask for.