5 Online Shopping Statistics to Learn From

5 Online Shopping Statistics to Learn From
Online Shopping Stats
Online Shopping Stats

Today lets take a look at 5 interesting online shopping statistics about the current state of ecommerce and online shopper’s habits. Each one of these stats provides insight into what areas an eCommerce store should focus on in order to have happy customers that convert and keep coming back.

1. 47% of consumers rely on online reviews about a product on a company’s website over newspapers, magazines or social networking sites before making a purchase decision. (Lightspeed Research)

Takeaway: Have reviews about a product available within your site. Your customers want to know what other people think of a product they’re about to purchase, so tell them. If they don’t see this information and they want it then the obvious result will happen; they’ll leave your site. It’s your job to make sure that that 47% of people gets the information they’re looking for on the same page as the one where they can buy the product.

2. The average social share of a product online will drive ~$2.04 in direct revenue to an online retailer. (AddShoppers Social Commerce Infographic)

Takeaway: Utilizing social media as a means of selling/promoting your products is extremely important. Maintain good content; both copy and images and making sure functioning social buttons on your product pages is very important to distribution/sales of your product.

3. High product rating will increase the likelihood of completing a purchase for 55% of consumers. (eConsultancy)

Takeaway: First is to make sure that you’re providing this information to a customer in the first place in a manner that’s easily accessible. The second takeaway from this stat is that you should be trying your hardest to maintain high ratings or products or just remove low rated products from your store all together. Your goal is to sell products,

4. Consumer reviews are significantly more trusted - nearly 12 times more - than descriptions that come from manufacturers. (eMarketer)

Takeaway: Once again the takeaway is to have user reviews of a product easily accessible for other customers to read. Your product details and descriptions aren’t enough to sway many users into trusting a product that they’re unable to hold in their hands at the given moment.

5. In Europe, repeat shoppers account for 26% of total online revenue. (Intershop)

Takeaway: Loyalty is important in driving revenue to your business. Give your customers a reason to keep coming back and buying from you instead of a competitor site or physical store.

Written by: Mitchell Abdullah