6 Things to Consider Before Investing in People-Based Marketing

6 Things to Consider Before Investing in People-Based Marketing

Are you thinking about investing in a People-Based Marketing (PBM) solution? Before making a decision, consider these 5 critical questions to make sure you choose the best platform for your company:

1. Does it fit with my stack?

If the PBM solution does not come with an open API to sync with your existing marketing tools, stop right here. Better yet, the PBM solution of your dreams should allow you to consolidate some or all of your marketing stack into one platform.

Proceeding with a PBM solution sans API equates to building another data silo, which will actually exacerbate your problems rather than solve them. For example, a good PBM platform should be able to keep your ESP updated with a list of offers each user has engaged with, ads they have clicked on, and where they are in the purchase funnel 

This makes it easier to send timely & relevant messages via each channel you work with, such as email, advertising, and/or onsite personalization.

2. Can it sync website visitors with their CRM data?

On average, about 95% of your website traffic is anonymous to your current marketing stack. However, typically about 10-30% or more of that traffic is actually people that you’ve seen before -- whether from offline purchases, previous online orders that happened a long time ago, past website visits before clearing cookies, or something else altogether.

The problem is that you have no way of knowing that -- unless you have a PBM solution that allows you to sync your anonymous visitors against your CRM.  If your PBM solution can't do this, you’re going to be taking one step forwards and two steps back.

3. Does it allow me to leverage network effects?

One of the biggest questions to consider when evaluating PBM platform are the network effects that your platform of choice can give you. If your PBM solution has a large enough network, you’ll be able to identify visitors that would ordinarily be completely anonymous to you.

In other words, they are new to your brand, but already known to the network. You can then launch more powerful marketing campaigns, such as triggered welcome emails, to these users that would ordinarily be impossible.

4. Is it easy to test and change campaigns?

Unfortunately, marketing campaigns do not work forever. Eventually, results will diminish and a new campaign needs to be tested. 

If each campaign seems to require a change order, it will be difficult to stay ahead. Successful marketing often takes a lot of failed experiments before you have a hit on your hands. Don’t limit your ability to find the audience and message that resonates due to an inability to test and change campaigns.

5. Does it have an activation layer?

Certain PBM tools only capture & sync data. This means you will need access to your own marketing tools to activate the data provided by your PBM solution and launch campaigns for your targeted audiences. Some organizations silo responsibilities to the point where an individual marketer might not have access to the onsite or email channels because those functions belong to another role.

Having a built in activation layer ensures that marketers can still have an opportunity to personalize messages onsite, in email, and in advertisements even without purchasing the aforementioned tools. In addition, retaining multiple overlapping platforms can cause excess expense and waste in your stack.

6. Are advertising segments transparent?

A major benefit of PBM is the ability to advertise to the right people at the right time. This is accomplished through segment building inside of advertising platforms and directly comparing newly created PBM segments against existing remarketing plans. 

A nightmare scenario is a PBM that cannot build its audience inside of your preferred remarketing platform. Without a direct comparison, it will be difficult to recognize if PBM methodology creates the value promised.


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