7 Creative Ways to Grow Your CRM Using On-Site Social

7 Creative Ways to Grow Your CRM Using On-Site Social

In a time when consumers are continuously bombarded with marketing emails and are definitely not looking to sign up for more, how do you get them to sign up for your emails? The answers are surprisingly simple. While the various strategies can be implemented across your site at different points during the customer’s visit, most can be setup in no time at all. And before you know it, you’ll have a CRM you can be proud of!

Without further ado, some tips for supercharging your Customer Relationship Management program:

  1. Capture customer emails when sharing your store or products. If a customer is sharing your store or a specific product on your site then chances are they like what they see. So they are more likely to sign up to get emails from you.

  2. Offer customers a coupon code, etc. when they share your store or products. You’ll increase your engagement instantly and capture valuable data like which customers “like” which product categories.

  3. Ask for customer emails as the exit your site. We’ve all been to those sites that throw a pop-up at you immediately when you enter the site. This is usually just annoying and may not get the response you want from your customers. So try asking when they leave! At this point in their visit customers have had a chance to take a look around and maybe even make a purchase. Since customers were already done on your site, they won’t mind the intrusion as much and may be more likely to share your email with you.  

  4. Integrate a ‘Share for Coupon’ button near the coupon input box on your cart page.  Usually when a customer gets to the shopping cart page and they see a “Coupon Code” box - they’ll go straight to Google and search for one.  By offering a “share for coupon” near this input box you’ll be able to not only drive more traffic from social sharing but reduce your cart abandonment because the customer will instantly be given a code.

  5. Encourage customers to share on the social network from which they were referred. If a customer comes to your site from Facebook, why not ask them to share on Facebook? If they came from Twitter, ask them to tweet about your site. Social network sites are linked to user email accounts and by giving you a shout out, they opt in to receive your emails. Plus, going back to strategy #1, customers who share are more likely to sign up for emails anyway.

  6. Setup a Refer-a-Friend campaign so current customers can generate new ones. People love to go shopping with their friends and a Refer-a-Friend campaign will allow your virtual customers to do just that. And when your customers sign up for the campaign, they’ll be giving you their email.

  7. Plan a social giveaway to motivate shares, referrals and email captures. If it hasn’t become clear yet, social interactions will capture emails. And social giveaways generate lots of social interactions. So, a giveaway provides you with an opportunity to increase both! The reward can be whatever you like and should appeal to your customer base, but some giveaways may not even require more than a few minutes to set up on your site.

What will your next step to grow CRM be?