AddShoppers In Your Language

AddShoppers In Your Language

Hola! Bonjour! Ahoj! Today we've taken a major step forward in becoming an international social commerce platform. Multiple language support, one of our most requested features, is now live. Our first 3 supported languages are French, Spanish, and Slovak (more coming soon!). Just to recap, AddShoppers now supports 12 currencies and 4 languages.

Here's how to work with languages in AddShoppers:

How to Translate the Sharing Widget

The customer-facing popup sharing panel can be translated by going to Settings -> Shops in your AddShoppers dashboard. Scroll down and use the Language selector to set the language for each one of your shops.

How to Translate Your AddShoppers Dashboard

Your admin dashboard and reports can be translated by going to Settings in your AddShoppers dashboard. Use the Language selector to set the language for your dashboard. Please note that this setting does not affect anything that your customers see.

Are We Missing Your Language?

If we're missing your language and you would like to help us translate AddShoppers into your language, please contact us. That's the fastest way to make AddShoppers available in your language. Alternatively, you can also put in a request for a language.