Introducing Portal: Your Marketing Team's New Best Friend [Feature Friday]

Introducing Portal:  Your Marketing Team's New Best Friend [Feature Friday]

We believe marketers should own the on-site marketing channel … but most don’t.

Our mission is to make on-site marketing as easy + measurable as e-mail marketing and to simplify the process for marketers to launch campaigns on their websites.

If you haven't heard by now that Google is introducing a new update on January 10, 2017, that will effect mobile SEO rankings, it's time to get caught up -- read more here.

In short, if you have "intrusive interstitials" aka pop-ups, on a page and they are not triggered by the user, your site will be penalized. This update is to improve user experience (UX), as all Google updates are for. No one appreciates pop-ups, especially on mobile.

So what exactly is an "intrusive interstitial"? Google frames it as "showing a popup that covers the main content, either immediately after the user navigates to a page from the search results, or while they are looking through a page."

Why are we concerned with this mobile algorithm update? Well, because it's going to affect our customers -- specifically the Behavioral Targeting campaigns most of them use. We got in front of this potential problem ahead of time and created a unified solution that no one else has. 

Introducing the Shopper Portal

The Shopper Portal is a mobile-first controlled environment for content delivery that improves your customers' experience, satisfies Google's new rules, saves your mobile SEO rankings, and helps maintain or even grow your email and data capture rate (bet you didn't think this update would effect that, read more here).  

The Portal is the only mobile-first solution that all sites need in order to survive #PopupDoomsday (if you're looking for additional information on this topic, click here).


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