AddShoppers's Tamar Weinberg Meets Up in New York

AddShoppers's Tamar Weinberg Meets Up in New York

AddShoppers's newest Director of Business based out of the New York Office, Tamar Weinberg, gave a talk last month for the New York eCommerce Meetup that meets monthly at Hara Partners’ Midtown office. The talk, entitled “The New Emergence of Social Media Marketing and Customer Empowerment,” addresses the metamorphosis of social media marketing in the video below.

The Talk

Weinberg has an extensive background in social media marketing. She was one of the very first employees at Mashable and is the author of the social media marketing book The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web. In this talk, Weinberg explains the evolution of social media and social media marketing throughout the years:

  • 2004: Social media becomes popular after Facebook launches

  • 2007: Professional potential seen for social media

  • 2010: Social media marketing pace picks up

  • 2011-2014: Algorithms in social media penalize marketers

  • 2015: Social media marketing in its original form is dead

The Takeaways 

Social Media is a great place to be and reach out to huge networks of people, and people are utilizing social media more than ever. Here are the top 4 things to take away from Weinberg’s meetup on social media marketing:

  1. Each social network is used differently. There are personal networks, professional networks, and “bitchfest” networks, and there’s significant overlap across them all.

  2. “Broadcasting from the rooftops” no longer works. This form of social media marketing that was popular back in 2007, but is being surpassed by superb customer service via social media as the best form of marketing.

  3. Customer service is the intersection between service, sales, and marketing. If you give someone a direct relationship through one-on-one assistance, you are marketing better than ever before. Today, that’s your sales vehicle.

  4. Social media marketing is all about customer empowerment now. It’s listening, humanizing the brand, and being informal and fun. It’s a reminder that the customer and the business are both human beings that are alike.

The Video

About Tamar Weinberg

Tamar is AddShopper’s new Director of Business Development. She was previously #6 at Mashable and worked at Gawker Media/Lifehacker, as well as Real Simple Magazine. Tamar is also the author of The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web, which was published by O'Reilly and is available for purchase on Amazon.

About the Author

Maddie Deming is a guest contributor for the AddShoppers Blog. With a background in Business Analysis and journalistic writing, Deming brings a unique perspective to the blog.