AddShoppers vs. Control: Value Transparency

AddShoppers vs. Control: Value Transparency

Our average client experiences a 42% increase in Conversion Rate and a 5% increase in Average Order Value (AOV), leading to a 38% increase in Average Revenue per Visitor (ARPV) within their first 30 days. 


We pride ourselves on making marketers’ lives easier.

AddShoppers clients can always view how our technology is improving key performance indicators using the data chart, “AddShoppers vs. Control”. Whether users are in a development or marketing role, AddShoppers vs. Control displays how marketing campaigns impact the following four KPIs over any time period: 

  • Average Order Value
  • Conversion Rate
  • Average Revenue Per Visitor
  • Projected Revenue

AddShoppers vs. Control works sans IT involvement; akin to the painless fluidity our clients experience when launching other AddShoppers campaigns.


AddShoppers vs. Control is an attribution report that displays how the website performs with its existing marketing stack (Control) compared to a segment of traffic that sees the AddShoppers platform. 

We and our client-base consider this fundamental to measuring success with the AddShoppers OMP. Understanding AddShoppers impact on KPIs helps our optimization team and clients determine which marketing campaigns are most impactful and which marketing campaigns to pause. 

These data-driven changes enable marketing agility to maximize revenue opportunities. This agility is a core commitment to enable real-time accurate measurements - an absolute requirement in the modern eCommerce environment.

Most commerce marketers prefer to measure results in the form of A/B or multivariate testing. AddShoppers vs. Control segments site traffic so that a percentage will experience AddShoppers, and a percentage will not. Note that significant test results are dependent upon site traffic; a 50/50 split will reach a statistical significance faster than say a 90/10 split.

The corresponding report allows marketers to view and understand the control test impact, good or bad, on their Revenue, ARPV, Conversion Rate, and AOV in either their AddShoppers dashboard or Google Analytics.


In July 2016, we conducted tests in partnership with several of our clients. This client sample represented a wide range of Industries, including leaders in Apparel, Automotive, Office Supplies, and Lifestyle, with varying traffic levels, demographics, and AOVs. Using AddShoppers vs. Control, we segmented their traffic for a 30 day period. The results were outstanding.

During the 30 day test, our participating clients were able to measure and apply data to their marketing campaigns. This visibility aided in each client’s site optimization, leading our clients to experience on average a 33% Conversion Rate increase, a 5% AOV increase, and an incredible 38% increase in Average Revenue Per Visitor.

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