An Integration For Your Tech “Sweet Tooth”

An Integration For Your Tech “Sweet Tooth”

Existing Sweet Tooth users, get excited because the integration you’ve been asking for is now available. Before now, Sweet Tooth and AddShoppers had a group of mutual clients that couldn’t leverage our two Platforms together.

You can now continue rewarding your customers with Sweet Tooth loyalty points for socially sharing content while using the AddShoppers Sharing and Analytics platform to power that sharing functionality!

Is that SWEEEET, or what?

AddShoppers Smart Sharing Buttons:

With AddShoppers Smart Sharing Buttons, a customer’s sharing experience is easier and more aesthetically pleasing than ever. The Buttons are completely customizable and can be placed anywhere on your website.

AddShoppers Analytics:

Just as important as aesthetically pleasing Sharing Buttons and ease of use, is the ability for merchants to track customer influence and activity when the Sharing Buttons are used. Before our integration with Sweet Tooth, merchants’ customers were just receiving points for sharing out, which is great, but there was a need for the ability to track results, which is where we come in.

Our analytics allow you to see the exact amount of influence each of your customers have on your bottom line, plus which social media sites are performing best for your brand. This is available through the influencer profiles set up in your AddShoppers analytics dashboard. Here, you’ll be able to see exactly which networks your customers are most actively sharing to and which are driving the most referral traffic and sales. No longer is it a guessing game when trying to figure out where to focus your resources.

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