Announcing AddShoppers Vault™

Announcing AddShoppers Vault™

As part of our GDPR preparations, we're announcing the release of our leading permission-based customer privacy platform, AddShoppers Vault™ for Data Controllers.

AddShoppers Vault™ is designed for Controllers to protect your data, build trust, & stay compliant with data privacy regulations both current (such as GDPR) and future. 

Note: To support this new platform, we've updated our TrustArc (TRUSTe) certified Privacy Policy to reflect additional detail about our processing of personal data.

AddShoppers Vault™ Platform Overview for GDPR

Don't worry, we've got you covered for May 25th and beyond! AddShoppers Vault™ includes the following features that ensure compliance with GDPR:

  • A “Data Preferences bar” is shown to visitors from European Union (EU) countries (based on IP address)
  • 1 click opt out of personal identifiable information (PII) tracking
  • Logging of when consent was given and where
  • Logging of number of network opt-ins / opt-outs
  • Emails regarding data will be sent from
  • APIs will be made available in case client has their own GDPR center to plug in our data
  • Data Export is only for ‘self reported’ PII, not behavioral

AddShoppers Vault™ User Flow for Onsite & Email Targeting Campaigns

Wondering how this will actually look to your site visitors? Here's an overview of how the GDPR component of AddShoppers Vault™ is presented, from the perspective of the end user:

User Flow: EU visitor

When a EU visitor comes to the site, they will see either the AddShoppers Vault™ GDPR modal or your own GDPR manager popup (if you use your own service for all GDPR permissions).

Example of the   AddShoppers Vault™ GDPR modal

Example of the AddShoppers Vault™ GDPR modal

Once the user is presented with this modal, here's how the workflows play out based on their input:

1. If the User selects “Yes” > all data is collected and apps work as expected.

2. If the User selects “No” > onsite campaigns and apps will still function but triggered emails will not function. All data sent to the backend is either disabled or thrown away.

3. If the User doesn’t select an option > the same flow happens as if the User selects "No" (#2) because users are opted out by default.

4. If the User selects “claim data” > the same flow happens as if the User selects "No" (#2) because users are opted out by default. Additionally, they will be presented with the Data Claim flow. See below for details.

AddShoppers Vault™ Data Claim User Experience

When Users click the "claim data" link, they will enter this flow:

1. The User is given an email input box where they can enter their email to claim their data.


2. The User is sent an email confirmation link to confirm their identity.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 5.29.28 PM.png

3. After the User clicks the email verification link, they are shown a message that their data is being processed and will receive an email when it is ready

4. Once the data is ready, the User is emailed a new link that grants them access to their data.


5. Once the User clicks on the second link, they are taken to a webpage that gives them the ability to make edits to their data or to delete their data from the system.


Want to turn on the AddShoppers Vault™?  Request here.