Black Friday 2012: Social Media Conversion Rates Skyrocket

Black Friday 2012: Social Media Conversion Rates Skyrocket

You’ve probably seen the reports showing that eCommerce sales this Black Friday topped $1 billion for the first time. Let’s take a look at how social media impacted these record-breaking numbers in online retail. With data gathered from AddShoppers’s network of over 7,000 retailers, we can report that socially-influenced shoppers had a huge impact in driving these record Black Friday revenue numbers.

Social Network  Black Friday 2012 October 2012 Percent Increase in Conversion Rate
 Facebook 3.68% 0.98% 274%
 Twitter 2.28% 1.27% 79%
 Pinterest 1.43% 0.72% 98%
 Google+ 14.49% 6.54% 122%
 Email 14.39% 10.37% 39%

On average, social traffic converted 77% higher than normal during Black Friday 2012. Going further and breaking down conversion rates by social source reveals even greater differences:

Here’s an overview of top social sources for Black Friday 2012 (check out the interactive stats here):

Black Friday 2012 Social Stats


Stay tuned for our report on Cyber Monday and the lesser known but more lucrative Green Monday!