Boost B2B Social Selling Efforts 60% Using Employee Advocacy

Boost B2B Social Selling Efforts 60% Using Employee Advocacy

At AddShoppers we’re always looking for ways to use our technology in our own marketing efforts.  Coincidentally, we found a way to boost our content marketing results by tapping into our best “Influencers” - our employees. Using our Contests & Giveaways App we’re able to gain ...  


boost in website traffic 


increase in inbound leads 


increase in social sharing

How’d we do it?  First we started with something everyone loves - Starbucks!  We decided to give a $100 Starbucks gift card to the employee with the most points during a 30 day period.  They’d get 1 point for every share, 2 points for every click, and 10 points for every lead we captured from our Marketo landing pages.  Next we paired together 3 of our Apps: Social Login + Trending Wall + Influencer Analytics to create what we internally call our Employee Advocacy Portal.

From there we embedded the contest inside Salesforce and we were off to the races.  Before we launched this type of employee advocacy contest, our marketing team would e-mail or Slack the entire company when new content was published.  They were lucky to get a few people to share out the awesome new content.  Now that the portal is set up, marketing simply reminds our team that new content is available and that sharing will increase their chances of winning the Starbucks gift card. As an added bonus, more employees actually read the marketing content which helps them in their day to day responsibilities and builds their product knowledge of our platform.

Because the AddShoppers Contests & Giveaways App is integrated with Marketo & Salesforce it allows our team to quickly put an ROI on employee advocacy.  Here are a few interesting stats:


Increase in conversion rate from content shared on LinkedIn


Clicks for every Tweet


New employee application for every 10 shares on Facebook

Is your team looking to better align your sales and marketing efforts to increase pipeline?  Contact us today to learn how we can help.