Boost Loyalty with Two Simple Words [Feature Friday]

Boost Loyalty with Two Simple Words [Feature Friday]

Customer loyalty is the driver of successful eCommerce brands. 2015 consumer loyalty statistics via reflect that “66% of consumers cite features, design and quality of product or service as the leading factor that determined brand loyalty.” 

While brand qualities such as reliable products and responsive customer service contribute to loyal customers, want to know what else drives loyalty? 

Two words: "Thank you"

Thanking customers, along with incentives that encourage future purchases, can significantly bolster brand loyalty. 

Here are 3 ways to immediately thank your customers to instill loyalty: 

  1. Implement a loyalty program. If a customer refers their friend to your brand, reward them with a percentage off their next order. On average, we see 35 sales for 100 shares via Refer-a-Friend.
  2. Do they share products on various social networks consistently? Reward sharing with discounts, early access to specials, or even a small gift.
  3. Provide customers with an incredible UX using data-driven marketing.
Loyalty Program: Refer-a-Friend 

Loyalty Program: Refer-a-Friend 

Social Sharing Incentive

Social Sharing Incentive

Already utilize some of these strategies in your marketing campaigns? Increase the campaign success with a personalized experience, like including the shopper’s name. This helps them build a unique relationship with your brand. In fact, the 2016 consumer loyalty report notes that 44% of consumers prefer appreciation conveyed in a personalized way.

After dissecting results driven by the AddShoppers Onsite Marketing Platform (OMP), our team identified that 1:1 personalized offers drive 9% more revenue than generic (non-personalized) offers. This proves that shoppers respond to personalization.

To further back this up, a recent Forbes statistic notes that “…55% of retail executives say data-driven marketing has helped them achieve competitive advantage in customer engagement/loyalty, 52% in new customers and 50% in customer satisfaction.” As you may know, social data can fuel powerful personalization campaigns, so make sure you’re able to capture it through say, Social Login

Now that we’ve shared the importance of a personalized “thank you” and some strategies that can help you do so, don’t forget to turn to AddShoppers when seeking a tool to deploy these new campaigns. As we’ve covered in weeks past, our Shopper Portal is an all-inclusive, packaged solution for using data-driven marketing to increase on-site engagement, providing an exceptional mobile and desktop UX. 

We recently launched the Shopper Portal for our client, Their feedback gives valuable insight about the personalized experience the Shopper Portal gives to their customers. 

The Portal “…becomes an on-site experience. This is where I check my RAF. This is where I check new MiiR products. Becomes more of an all-inclusive business profile. All my deals that cater to me, rather than just a marketing banner.” said Luke Peterson, Digital Marketing Manager at MiiR.  

So thank your customers this holiday season through an easy, interactive, personal, and consistent UX. These factors can potentially be the new standard for pushing browsers into buyers, buyers into customers, and customers into brand advocates. 

Make your site a resounding success for your customers by talking with us.