Business Insider Intelligence Uses AddShoppers Data

Business Insider Intelligence Uses AddShoppers Data

On Wednesday, October 1 Business Insider announced that their research service, BI Intelligence, has released a report using some of AddShoppers data as well as Shopify.

The full report provides insights on such topics as:

  • Social media’s role for retailers compared to other referral sources

  • Comparison of conversion rates, socially-generated retail sales and average order value across social networks

  • A special look at Facebook and the massive impact it can have on retail

  • Metrics that help smaller social networks remain compelling for retailers

  • Plus other insights regarding Facebook and Twitter updates affecting retailers

BI Intelligence notes that they used AddShoppers data to garner some of the reported content. More specifically, the announcement address the value of a Facebook share at $3.58 in eCommerce revenue, a statistic only available through AddShoppers Tracking.

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