[Case Study] How to increase conversion and sales without discounts

[Case Study] How to increase conversion and sales without discounts

The fundamental problem with discounting is that customers are not experiencing the brand’s full value before considering a purchase. 

Typically, to understand the brand’s value, customers need to learn a brand’s story, purpose, and reason for existing. These brand stories are often told in content marketing, but on an eCommerce site, there is limited space and opportunity to showcase these stories. Most customers do not navigate sites long enough to discover the brand story. The only way to solve this, is to bring the brand’s most effective content directly to the customer.

Below, you’ll find two examples of clients who operate with a content-first on-site marketing strategy with minimal to no incentives -- and the results they were able to achieve. 


Suja Juice


When emerging organic health juice brand, Suja Juice, first brainstormed strategies with AddShoppers in January of 2017, one of their goals was to increase new email acquisition. Additional goals were to deliver content around product education, increase conversion rates and revenue, and deliver promotions.

However, they wanted to fulfill their goal of boosting email captures without discounting their product. Their products are sold individually in various grocery stores, but on their eCommerce site, their products are sold in quantities of 6 and as subscriptions. 


Suja Juice utilized the Portal to deliver their strategies for all of their goal sets. For this study, we’ll primarily focus on their email acquisition strategy.

This campaign was shown to website visitors through a panel within their Portal. The panel displayed an email capture form that offered a chance to win a free month of juice. One winner would be chosen each month to receive 1 shipment of 30 Suja Juice bottles. 

Using a giveaway promotion enabled Suja to market with a fixed cost promotion to acquire user emails.


Timeframe: March 2017
The strategy for new email acquisition reflected an opt-in rate of 27%. Site visitors who entered the giveaway converted to sale 838% higher than those who did not. Social Login is also tied in with their email acquisition strategy and converts the highest to sale at 4.70%. 

Suja Juice also launched other campaigns through their Portal which primarily focused on engagement with no incentives offered. One campaign educated site visitors about their products and the other featured their most popular products. Visitors being served the site experience with these AddShoppers campaigns convert 291% higher than those who are not. Interaction with those campaigns also extend the average session duration by 109%.

Suja Juice increased sales with faster consumer education by bringing product content directly to the buyers. Sales increased without hemorrhaging profit margins -- buyers are buying because of their experience with Suja’s story.


Savannah Bee


Savannah Bee has been a long-time AddShoppers client. As a specialty consumable + beauty retailer, Savannah Bee has experimented with various campaign strategies that have revolved around discounting. 

Recently, they wanted to implement a variety of non-incentivized strategies for boosting new email acquisition and lifting conversion rates.


Tasked with presenting product education and delivering content directly to visitors to increase conversion rates, Savannah Bee switched their UX from modals, to the new AddShoppers UX.

The majority of their campaigns are non-incentivized and all serve the purpose of quick brand/product education and content delivery. Their campaigns were:

  1. New product releases

  2. “About us” video for brand education

  3. A mission awareness video

  4. Trending recipes showcase

  5. Giveaway to win a gift card.

The giveaway was to boost new email acquisition and offered no immediate incentive. It was an entry form for a chance to win 1 of 6 $100 gift cards. This contest was specifically for the month of March 2017. 


The results of their strategies are from the month of March 2017.

Interactions with the strategy for new email acquisition convert 8.84% to sale. 

Roughly 16% of their AddShoppers assisted revenue saw their “About Us” video before purchasing. Video content is designed to influence and move site visitors down the sales funnel, so the views are tied to revenue.

For bringing popular products directly in front of Savannah Bee site users, the best sellers campaign converted 20% of viewers to sale. 

Visitors being served the site experience with AddShoppers campaigns convert 343% higher than those who are not. Interactions with those campaigns also helped reduce bounce rate by 12%.


This is a small sampling of the types of non-incentivized on-site strategies that are possible with AddShoppers. These examples of Suja Juice and Savannah Bee’s successes prove that goals can be reached without direct incentives. 

It is always best to explore options that will maximize revenue growth and profitability. Just because a brand has the means for offering discounts to incentivize customers to take action on their site does not mean they have to. 

Find out how strategies like these can work for your brand. Let's talk data.