Client Spotlight: Sun & Ski Sports Leverages BuzzFeed-style Quiz To Amp Up Engagement & List Growth with AddShoppers

Client Spotlight: Sun & Ski Sports Leverages BuzzFeed-style Quiz To Amp Up Engagement & List Growth with AddShoppers

Love those BuzzFeed quizzes? (It’s okay, we won’t tell anyone.)

Well, as it turns out, so do Sun & Ski Sports’ customers!

Tiffany Mass, Social Media Specialist, and Elizabeth Hartwell, Digital Merchandising Manager, came up with the idea of running a BuzzFeed-style quiz on their website via their AddShoppers-powered Notifier in order to engage their audience and ultimately capture more emails.

“The unknown drives a willing behavior to know - especially when telling someone they have a chance to better understand who they are as a person, plus have a chance to win free Birkenstock sandals. This consumer behavior was a key part in our engagement strategy on all channels for this campaign in order to improve our product merchandising based on what sandal styles our quiz contest audience engaged with most, while also capturing data from new and returning customers from social media to increase email opt-ins,” Tiffany explains.

If you’re not familiar with BuzzFeed quizzes, they’re short (usually around 5 questions), whimsical quizzes that usually involve some sort of personal identification and pop culture. For example, Swipe Right Or Left On These Controversial Foods And We’ll Guess Your Age And Height (we apologize in advance 😀). And please don’t get lost on BuzzFeed and miss the rest of this case study!

For this campaign, Sun & Ski Sports teamed up with Birkenstock, one of their partners, and created a “Which Birkenstock Sandal Are You?” quiz featuring the latest Birkenstock sandals ― and a free sandal giveaway to sweeten the deal!

In mid-July 2018, they launched this campaign and ran it over a two and a half week period.



Initial View


Example Question


Lead Capture Step


Success Screen

Campaign Execution


  • Social posts

  • Ads

  • Email

The Sun & Ski Sports team launched their quiz contest at the same time on all channels. By using organic social media posts and paid ads, website banner on their Birkenstock brand page, multiple email sends and consistent monitoring of their AddShoppers-powered Notifier, they were able to optimize the customer experience and decrease barriers to entry.

AddShoppers Placement:

  • Campaign was housed in the AddShoppers Portal, present on every page on the site and accessible through the icon at the bottom center of the screen.

  • Abandonment trigger was activated for the final 4 days of the campaign in order to give more visibility to the campaign.

What about the winner?

Their lucky winner drove even more exposure for Sun & Ski Sports by posting to Instagram:



The quiz campaign was a big success! Sun & Ski Sports was ecstatic with the level of engagement, positive customer feedback, and targeted leads driven.


Here are the results. Pay attention to the extremely high conversion rate between “completions” and “leads” ― 98.4% of people entered their email address after finishing the quiz! This is a fantastic example showing how engaging quizzes can be.






98.4% (!)



To wrap up, we’ll let the heroes of this story have the last word:

“The responsiveness to our quiz contest in a short amount of time was fantastic. By creating this fun and relaxed experience for the consumer using AddShoppers, we’ve nurtured them towards taking the next step in the consumer lifecycle with our brand by having planted a positive experience and increased brand recognition.”

- Tiffany Mass, Social Media Specialist at Sun & Ski Sports

“This type of contest was a great way for us to not only build awareness and engagement, but also to convert our social followers into valuable customers. Even though we were offering up free product, we saw our Birkenstock sales increase 24% in a year over year basis.

- Elizabeth Hartwell, Digital Merchandising Manager at Sun & Ski Sports

About Sun & Ski Sports

Sun & Ski Sports is a leading outdoor retailer specializing in equipment, apparel, footwear and accessories to enhance their customers’ active lifestyles. The company operates 30 stores across 13 states and offers online sales at Their commitment to providing exceptional service, unparalleled expertise and the highest quality products is the cornerstone of their unique approach and 100% Price & Performance Guarantee. They offer top brands including The North Face, Patagonia, Burton, Salomon, Sorel, GoPro, Yeti and Orbea complemented by expert advice to ensure their customers’ adventures are enjoyable and memorable.

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