CubeCart gets Social with AddShoppers Built-in Free!

CubeCart gets Social with AddShoppers Built-in Free!

Good news, CubeCart users! AddShoppers is now built in to CubeCart version 5.2.5 and will be included in all future updates (official update here).

Note -- this plugin will be replacing the ShareYourCart plugin for CubeCart (more on this below).

You can now easily add Smart Sharing Buttons, Social ROI Tracking, Social Analytics, Purchase Sharing, Social Rewards, Social Login, and more to your CubeCart store. You can learn more about each of those apps here.

cubecart social plugin
cubecart social plugin

Why add AddShoppers to your CubeCart store?

  1. It's super easy to add powerful sharing buttons to your store
  2. Easily track the social shares that happen on your site, including sales & revenue impact.
  3. Increase sharing and decrease shopping cart abandonment by rewarding sharing with a coupon using Social Rewards
  4. You can quickly and easily set up post-purchase sharing
  5. Let your customers skip the annoying registration forms with Social Login
  6. Using our plugin, installation is super easy! Once you activate the plugin, you can be up and running with a couple clicks.

If you're running a version of CubeCart 5 below 5.2.5, our plugin isn't built in, but you can download it here.

Otherwise, navigate to Modules > Plugins > AddShoppers in your CubeCart admin area, enable the plugin, and configure the plugin! You'll need a free AddShoppers account to use the plugin -- if you don't have one yet, create yours now.

Full installation instructions here.

ShareYourCart Plugin for CubeCart

As part of our acquisition of ShareYourCart, this plugin will be replacing the old ShareYourCart plugin that was built into CubeCart. ShareYourCart users are advised to use AddShoppers Social Rewards + Sharing Buttons to replace their ShareYourCart buttons, which are now deprecated.

If you need any installation help or assistance migrating from ShareYourCart to AddShoppers, please contact support.