Cyber Monday 2012: Social Media Conversion Rates Jump

Cyber Monday 2012: Social Media Conversion Rates Jump

Yesterday, we released a report that detailed the impact of social media on the record-breaking Black Friday 2012. Now, we have data on social commerce conversion rates to report for Black Friday's online cousin, Cyber Monday.

Social media had a similar impact on eCommerce sales as it did for Black Friday. Overall, conversion rates of socially-influenced traffic across our network of over 7,000 retailers was 59% higher than average.

Separating conversion rates by social source reveals differences between networks:

Social Network Historical Black Friday Cyber Monday
Facebook 0.98% 3.68%  2.98%
Twitter 1.27% 2.28%  2.51%
Pinterest 0.72% 1.43%  1.83%
Google+ 6.54% 14.49%  7.32%
Email 10.37% 14.39%  14.15%

Here's a breakdown of social sources for Cyber Monday 2012:

Cyber Monday 2012

Stay tuned for our next report on the lesser known Green Monday.