Facebook Mobile Like Button for All App Developers

Facebook Mobile Like Button for All App Developers

Good news! The Facebook mobile Like button is now available to all app developers, Android and iOS alike. Access to the button means that everyone now has the capability to let users like an app’s Facebook page without exiting the app. This functionality can also apply to other Open Graph buttons and Facebook shares. Users will rejoice that they don’t have to leave apps anymore, which may increase activity!

If you decide to take advantage of the Like button in your app, there are a few things you should consider:

  1. Pick the right moment to show the button. Newer apps without a large following tend to display the button after a user has reached a certain level of engagement, like after Level 6 in a game. More established brands, however, can see success when they show the button immediately upon entrance to the app. Know where you stand and make a smart decision.

  2. Choose where to place the button. Don’t just slap the button into the app and expect people to engage with it. Just like the timing of display, you need to carefully consider what will work best with your app. You may even want to test different button locations to find the one that is most effective. But, most importantly, be sure the button placement doesn’t interfere with your existing app experience or user interface. You want to make this an easy and seamless process for users, not a hassle.

  3. Create a Facebook Page users want to connect with. Your Facebook Page should add to your app and your users’ experiences. Consider providing tips or tricks for the app and engaging in conversations with users. If you are engaging, your users will engage which can only help your app reach more people. Be sure to use App Links to create a seamless experience between your Page and app.

Will you integrate the Facebook mobile Like button in your app?