Have you updated your Facebook Retargeting ads yet

Have you updated your Facebook Retargeting ads yet

Facebook is making some design changes and that means changes for your retargeting ads. Starting on September 1, ads displayed in the right-hand column will be resized in order for them to be more visually consistent with ads seen on users’ desktop News Feed.

In fact, the new right-hand column ads will now utilize the same image proportions, 1200 x 627 pixels, as those in the desktop News Feed meaning the right-hand column will display fewer ads that are larger. The new ads will look something like this:

Because the updated ads mirror the overall shape of desktop News Feed ads, marketers will no longer have to choose separate images for News Feed and right-hand column placements. They can now use the same image for both.

Facebook says the change will provide a better experience for users and advertisers alike. Users will have a more visually appealing experience and advertisers can rejoice in increased engagement - sometime up to 3 times more! Making the image proportions the same for all ads also makes things easier on advertisers because you can now use the same image instead of adjusting sizes. If your image dimensions are off, Facebook may auto-resize them which could distort your ads.

Over the past few months, Facebook has launched an initiative to improve the appearance of ads on the site and this redesign is just one step of that plan. While the less invasive ads have seen increased engagement from users, these impressions cannot be guaranteed.

Change is coming… are you ready?