First Facebook "Want" Button Released by AddShoppers

First Facebook "Want" Button Released by AddShoppers

Facebook Want & Own Buttons

We're excited to announce the highly anticipated release of new Facebook integrated "Want" and "Own" buttons.

Now customers can not only "Like" products with the Facebook social buttons, but let others know what they "Want" and "Own."  The opportunity for insights gleaned from this data is huge for retailers and we'll help you make the most of it.

AddShoppers is the first social sharing platform to be fully integrated with Facebook's new Want / Own actions for their Open Graph Timeline (backstory here).  Just to be clear, we were approved by Facebook to use these Open Graph actions but this is not a "partnership" with Facebook nor is it an official button released by Facebook itself. These are the first buttons of their kind for use on public websites, not shops on Facebook.

Live examples:


Supercharged out of the box:

  • Track Wants and Owns to revenue & conversions
  • Pinpoint top performing products to market on Facebook
  • Reward customers who share
  • Easy 5-minute installation
  • Free!

Facebook Open Graph Buttons on Product Page

Just login to your merchant panel (or signup and we'll automatically redirect you to the right page), then you just add the codes to display the buttons you want:

Facebook Want & Own Buttons Easy Installation

So what are you waiting for?