Feature Friday: Attribution Toggles!

Feature Friday: Attribution Toggles!

New feature this week is Attribution Toggles!

...what, you're not excited? 

We realize that Attribution Toggles might not mean anything to you just yet, so let's break this down: 

Here at AddShoppers, every App will track and take attribution (sale and revenue) for an order based on the user's last action

One of the areas where this presented difficulty in correctly tracking the effectiveness of each of our Apps comes into play with Behavioral Targeting.

Most people use this App to trigger modals, however a growing number of our clients are using it to display other things like top bars, banners, floating tabs, and contests. While we LOVE to see our clients coming up with creative campaigns across many different formats (this is always encouraged!), this presented difficulty with correctly tracking revenue attributable to each of these campaigns (especially when a customer might interact with two or more campaigns before making a purchase).

And THAT'S where Attribution Toggles, our new feature this week, comes in.

This feature prevents our more persistent items (such as a constant top bar) from stealing attribution. Here's how it works:

Now, in your Behavioral Targeting dashboard, you'll see two toggle switches:

1. The first toggle is for "views" attribution (default = off). this just tells AddShoppers whether or not to attribute revenue to people who view modals/top bars etc. and don't interact with them.

2. The next toggle is for "actions" attribution (default = on). This tells AddShoppers to give attribution for this event when the user has interacted with it (for example, a user entering their email, or clicking on a link or image, etc.) 

For example, if you wish to have a promotional banner that is persistent and not meant for customer interaction, we recommend turning both view and action attribution off. You will still be able to see how many people viewed and interacted with each campaign it just won't tie a revenue number to the campaign. 

Doesn't attribution rock? 

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