Feature Friday: Campaign Cloning

Feature Friday: Campaign Cloning

Setting up behavioral targeting campaigns just got easier, smarter, and faster. 

Campaign creation received a facelift a while back when we launched our copy-and-paste modal templates, but now we’ve made creating multiple campaigns even more agile. 

You’ve taken the time to build your perfect campaign -- flawless graphics, witty copy, kink-free triggers, it’s a thing of beauty and now you want to use the same thing for another campaign. 

Sure, copy-and-paste is easy, but it takes a decent sized chunk of time. Not to mention there’s the possibility of placing code in incorrect spaces. Something that should be simple, could end up a time-sucker. 

So instead of venturing down the road of tedious copy-and-paste, wouldn’t it be nice if with just a click of a button, your flawless campaign was cloned

Yeah, we thought that’d be nice. Which is why we made campaign cloning possible. 

Campaign cloning will allow you to simply regenerate your chosen campaign. This cloning feature will clone over all of the URLs, HTML and CSS. The only aspect of your original campaign that it will not clone over are coupon codes.  

Cloning your campaigns can be done two ways. 

  1. When looking at your list of campaigns in your behavioral targeting dashboard, there is now a selection in the ‘Manage’ section that reads ‘Clone’.
  2. When you’re inside of the campaign you want to clone, simply push the button ‘Clone Campaign’, located on the bottom. 

Happy cloning! 

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