Feature Friday: Site Localization

Feature Friday: Site Localization

Small details can make a meaningful impact on conversions. All of our Apps are designed to fit your site's branding, but the success of a site is built on more than just aesthetics. How your customers understand and navigate your site is a large part of its success. 

Site localization can do wonders for overall site performance and usability -- specifically for our international clients, or even those who might be U.S. based, but have multiple sites that reach all corners of the globe. 

With localization, you have the freedom to set your site language and currency to fit the region that your site primarily targets. 

Below are examples of a client who utilizes localization, the main language of the site is Portuguese: 

Say you have a U.K site, a U.S. site, and a Japan-based site, would it make sense to have the main language and currency of the Japan site, English and U.S. dollars? No, it wouldn't. Site localization gives you the option to change currency and language to best suit your main site visitors. 

Small details can often make the biggest difference!